Day Boarding

Boarding At Sunfloralkids
The greatest gift that the boarding life offers, is the opportunity to establish life-long friendships and memories.

Sunfloralkids focuses attention on the three R’s of pastoral care Relationships, Respect and Responsibility enabling a proactive collaborative approach in which all members of the school community play a crucial role in the pastoral care of students.

Scholars can enter Boarding from age 8 upwards. Sunfloralkids has separate Boarding Houses for boys and girls. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate 3-10 Scholars. There is a separate study area for boarders of each group. Both Boarding Houses have comfortable Common Rooms where spare time in the evening can be spent playing table tennis, scrabble, chess, listening to music, watching a video or television or browsing through newspaper and periodicals.

Our residential environment aims at making Scholars feel safe, comfortable and “at home” as quickly as possible. Many of our faculty live in the campus and are able to provide Scholars with individual attention and academic support.